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Brazil startups – importance of the platform

As I work with my Logistics startups in Brazil, there is one commonality that emerges as being critically value-add. The platform! The value propositions of Mandae, CargoX, Comprovei and Athenas are radically different, disrupting and solving unique Logistics opportunities. What sits at the core of these companies, and what emerges as an ever increasingly important

Startup Mindset I wish I Had Known Then

Startup Mindset I wish I Had Known Then Early stage companies look to scale and as they become successful, they have to take on some of the organizational and process dynamics of big corporations –  how to structure, how to scale execution. But the more I work with these early stage companies, the more I

core beliefs

What Are Your Core Beliefs?

As part of my exercises in self-awareness, I have done numerous projects.  I wrote my books – 50 Words, Our Stories Matter. I meditate daily. And recently as some work I am doing with my YPO forum, I challenged myself to think about my core beliefs.  I am taking this exercise in two steps: 1.


I am seriously bullish on Brazil Logistics startups in!

I am involved with 4 early stage companies in the logistics space in Brazil: Athenas, CargoX, Comprovei, and Mandae. (at the bottom of this blog is a brief description and links to these companies) With the economy in turmoil and politics and corruption scandals choking its recovery, investing in Brazil startups seems a risky proposition


Otimismo em relação às startups brasileiras de logística

Estou envolvido em quatro empresas brasileiras do segmento de logística que estão em estágio inicial: Athenas, CargoX, Comprovei e Mandaê (no final desse post há uma pequena descrição e links para essas empresas). Com a economia instável, aliada aos escândalos políticos e de corrupção que impedem a recuperação do país, investir em startups brasileiras parece

toxic person

Building Culture – Bad Apples

One of the most difficult things to do, when driving for a hard performing culture, is to come to the realization that a person’s style can be so destructive, as to be toxic to the culture and mission of the company. Toxic Person   How many times have we seen someone’s attitude and approach create

go for it

Fine – Go For It!

Go for it My first job ever, right out of the APL Management Training Program , was when Joel Greenberg put John Motley and me together to start an inside sales process for New York City customers. Operative word “Inside”. John, amazing technologist, whipped up an SFO system for us (1985!) and off we went.

be selfish

Be Selfish

Be Selfish with your time, with the resources you bring to the table. I am a member of YPO and am part of a forum of 7 of us CEOs that have been meeting once a month for a half day – for 10 years now. We discuss everything from business to family to personal.


Walking Your Employees Through The Wall

One of the most relevant and worst performing questions in employee engagement surveys is “I understand how my work relates to the strategy of the company.” In the mid 90’s I ran a customer Service Center, and our employee engagement survey had several areas of improvement that we had to address – one of them